Woodward Park

This photo was processed using the Orton effect in Photoshop Elements 6.  I adjusted levels which really helped to bring out the colors in the trees.  The final product was burned and framed.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow which might knock a lot of leaves off of the trees.  Fall is finally here.

Camera settings: Fujifilm FinePix S700, F/4.5, 1/220 sec., ISO 64, focal length 21.3 mm.  No flash.


Minnesota Birch

I love the birch trees in the Minnesota woods.  This section of birch was taken on Island Lake.  I processed in Photoshop Elements by adjusting levels and changing to b/w.  I did some burning and added a frame and text.  Hi to the Gertzens of Moose Lake, Minnesota!

Camera settings: Olympus Stylus 7010, F/3.0, 1/100 sec., ISO 64, focal length 5 mm.  No flash.

Winter Landscape

Took this a few weeks ago.  These two live oak trees are in the Sierra foothills.  I adjusted levels and ran the photo through Topaz Simplify Buz Sim.  I had been working on a custom texture and used it as an Overlay on this photo.   Using a photo I had of concrete, I added warm/cool colors with the drippy water brush that is in Wet Media.   As you can see I like painting effects!    I did do some burning on this one before framing and finishing.  Hope you like it.

Camera settings: Focal Length 11.2 mm, F/5.0, ISO 64, shutter speed 1/320.

Mini Assignment #1

I try to consciously use the rule of thirds when taking photos and especially when cropping photos.  It doesn’t always turn out that way!  On our trip up to the Sierras yesterday I tried two different ways to take a photo of the sunlight on the mossy fir trees.

In photo # 1 I placed the tree trunk in the middle of the frame.  Though it is not my favorite, I thought that the black branches on the left and the light branches on the right helped the composition and allowed the centered tree trunk.  What do you think?  I liked the change from dark to light going horizontally through the photo.  I adjusted levels and applied Topaz Simplify buz sim as it softened the moss and brightens colors in my view.

Photo #1

Photo #2 follows the rule much better and is probably better composed.  I do think that #1 gives a little more mood however.  Anyway, #2 was also levels adjusted and had Topaz Simplify buz sim applied to it.  Overall, photo #1 is more of a portrait and photo #2 is more of a landscape.  We’ll go with that :).   Let me know what you all think.


Looking Down

Looking down the rows of pistachio trees.  You might make out the orange orchard in the background.

I used the Orton Effect on this photo after adjusting levels.  Did some burning around the edges.   The Orton Effect almost always works pretty well on trees and grassy areas, it seems.  Maybe needed a little more angle on this one?