Self Portrait


Found a super book on creating art with Photoshop Elements.  It is called “Digital Expressions” by Susan Tuttle.  I bought it on Amazon and did this piece by partially following a tutorial in it.  I used branch brushes and some grunge brushes in making this.  I also used Topaz ReMask to mask out my face from a photo I took myself. (Super hard to do without using a tripod and timer.  Both of which I have but was too lazy to set up!)  I used both a soft white brush and a dodging brush to fade the face.  Anyway, the book has lots of neat ideas and I hope to use them for future projects.  It’s all about inspiration!


Pink Clown

I loved this shot but it was so busy with background clutter.  I used Topaz ReMask to separate the clown from the background and then lowered the opacity of the background.  I added a pink gradient and a light floral texture to complete the photo.  Processed in Photoshop Elements 6, the photo was treated with Topaz Simplify cartoon adjusted.  I added a fine line to the cartoon and increased the saturation.  Hope you like it!!

Camera settings: Fujifilm FinePix S700, F/5, 1/240 sec., ISO 64, focal length 6.3 mm.  No flash.