I’ve been think about this topic for a while and finally decided to make a collage of photos.  These are photos taken of house, license plate and mailbox numbers.  I layered them in different positions and different blending modes.  Then I place a texture of mine underneath the collage and added a frame from OnOne Photo Essentials 3.  Hope you like it!


Ripgut Brome

Maybe I should step back a little and do what I love best.  That is taking a plain photo and bringing a little more life to it through processing.  This is a simple shot of a grass that has been processed in Photoshop Elements.  I used one of my homemade textures and some layers of b/w sketch to produce this photo.  Hope you like it.  (Thanks for the suggestions Julie and Tammy!)

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/6.3, 1/640 sec., ISO 400, focal length 154 mm.  No flash.

Winter Landscape

Took this a few weeks ago.  These two live oak trees are in the Sierra foothills.  I adjusted levels and ran the photo through Topaz Simplify Buz Sim.  I had been working on a custom texture and used it as an Overlay on this photo.   Using a photo I had of concrete, I added warm/cool colors with the drippy water brush that is in Wet Media.   As you can see I like painting effects!    I did do some burning on this one before framing and finishing.  Hope you like it.

Camera settings: Focal Length 11.2 mm, F/5.0, ISO 64, shutter speed 1/320.

Dead Flowerheads

Kind of an odd subject but I felt they were a great textural piece.  This isn’t meant to be a botanical print but just a texture and mood exercise.  We’ll see how that flies! 🙂  These are dead flowerheads on a weed in California cattle grazing land.  Because this area is quite close to the Pacific Coast, the dry weeds are exposed to more coastal fog.  This is what lends the gray color to them.  Kind of like gray driftwood.

Camera settings: Auto, F/5.0, ISO 125, 1/125 sec., focal length 100 mm  with a 55-250 zoom.  I used two textures on different layers.  First texture is old map by Jerry Jones and is set on Overlay.  Second texture layer is my own concrete texture set on Multiply.  I like the darkness that Multiply lends to this somewhat bleak theme.  I did do some small dodging on this piece.  This photo probably denotes a typical California winter more than snow or sunny beaches!

Handmade Texture

I love textures.  This was made using my Christmas present Wacom tablet.  I started with a medium brown base layer.  After that, I applied rough brush strokes in a shade lighter and a shade darker on a separate layer.  Floral brushes in black were applied next and this 3rd layer was set on overlay.  The fourth layer was off-white brush strokes all over and set on opacity 20%.  These layers were flattened and this created my texture.    The texture was applied over a rose leaf with raindrops.

The rose leaf was taken using ISO 800, F/3.5 and 1/80 sec.  The texture was placed in a layer above the photo and set on blending mode Overlay.  Hope you like it.


We see texture in almost everything we photograph.  These textures can sometimes enhance other photos to present mood or atmosphere.  This texture is bark from the rootstock portion of a pistachio tree in a commercial orchard.  It is applied over a calendula photo.  Workflow consisted of three layers.  One calendula background original.  On top of that went a background copy set on blend mode Screen.  Screen mode makes the photo lighter and sets up the third layer which is the texture bark layer.  This third layer is set on blend mode Multiply.  Multiply darkens the composite and thereby evens out the final tone of the photo.  It makes for a somewhat interesting result, I hope! 🙂   Thank you for stopping by.