Foothill Barn

Here’s a nice old barn in the Sierra foothills.  We went for a drive today and I loved this.  There is a bay horse grazing in the background.  I did replace the sky as it was heavily overcast.  Topaz Simplify buz sim was used, but I toned down the simplify component when processing.  I then did a  lot of dodging and burning.  Hope your day was a great one!

Camera settings: F/5, 1/320 sec., ISO 64, focal length 10.1 mm.  No flash.


This is one of my first irises to bloom this year.  I processed this by adjusting levels, highlights and burning.  Vignette was formed with the lasso tool with a 40 pixel feather.  I then ran it through Topaz Simplify buz sim and adjusted the settings there as well.  It was finished with a violet stroke outline.  Happy Easter everyone!

Camera settings: F/10, 1/800 sec., ISO 800, focal length 36 mm.  No flash.

Lone Cypress

Taken yesterday along 17-mile drive in Carmel, CA.  Adjusted levels, highlights and cropped.  Applied Topaz Simplify watercolor adjusted for contrast.  Extensively dodged and burned.

Camera settings: F/9, 1/200 sec., ISO 100, focal length 74 mm.  No flash.

Here is the unedited original:

And here is a close up of the cracked rock face.  You can see the tethers stabilizing the cypress tree.