Swingin’ At The Fair

This photo was snapped by my husband and I did the post processing in Photoshop Elements 6.  I darkened with levels to get the silhouette look and added a teal/pink gradient map to the final photo.  I really like the versatility of the teal/pink gradient map and have used it for several photos.  It is especially great for toning photos that are too warm.  I hope to do more exploring with gradient maps.  The Photoshop Elements Techniques website has some great info and video on the subject.  Camera settings: f/4, 1/640 sec., focal length 65 mm, ISO 125.  No flash.


Mini Assignment #4 – Silhouette 2

Took this at the same time I took the eucalyptus silhouette.  This is our maple tree in partial silhouette.  I used my little Fujifilm camera and it was a little harder to fool it into getting the shot.  One of the great articles on silhouettes that were posted on the 2010 Virtual Photowalk home page suggested pushing down the shutter release partway while pointing towards the light area, then moving back to the dark areas to finish the release and get the shot.   This seemed to work for me.  This photo was processed with Topaz Clean and a 50% peach color gradient set on Overlay.

Camera settings: F/6.3, 1/1000 sec., ISO 800, focal length 28.7 mm.  No flash.