Bought some bedding plants for the front yard and decided to take a few photos before planting them!  This one is processed in Photoshop Elements 6.  I adjusted levels, added a high pass filter and did a little burning.  Have a nice weekend!

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/8, 1/30 sec., ISO 800, focal length 100 mm.  No flash.



These little guys gave me a great opportunity to represent “trio”.   Pansies are one of the most consistent bloomers here in our California winter.  Stock and calendulas are also used here a lot in wintertime.  This photo was not cropped.  Levels were adjusted first and then Topaz Simplify Watercolor was applied.  I always adjust the standard settings on Watercolor to allow for a tad more contrast.  This deepens particularly the greens in a floral photo.  The eyedropper tool was used again to pick the frame color.  In this instance I used Edit/Stroke Selection to create the black outline around the photo.  No burning or dodging this time.  Have a good week, everyone!  (photo adjusted and resubmitted)