Beautiful Eyes

My best friend’s granddaughter.  She has the most beautiful eyes.   I edited this a fair amount.  A little Gaussian blur and some dodging and burning of small areas.  Processed in Photoshop Elements 6. This was taken with a little Olympus point and shoot.

Camera settings: Olympus Stylus, F/4.8, 1/160 sec., ISO 200, focal length 23.8 mm.  Flash fired.



Cody, my daughter’s new kitten.  I touched up some flash reflection in his eyes and did a Gaussian blur vignette using the lasso tool with a 200 pixel feather.  Processed in Photoshop Elements 6, I used a high pass filter and levels adjustment.  Cody came from a local animal shelter and is such a doll.

Camera settings: Canon EOS Rebel T1i, F/5, 1/60 sec., ISO 400, focal length 131 mm.  Flash fired.


Benny belong to my friends in Minnesota.  I took this during my time there.  Benny is a loyal and true friend.  This photo was processed in Photoshop Elements by adjusting levels, changing to b/w (portrait), running through Sketch/Dk. Strokes with a Soft Light blending mode and finally treating with Topaz Simplify crisp edge.

Camera settings: Olympus 7010, f/4.8, 1/30 sec., ISO 200, focal length 23.8 mm.  No flash

B/W Sketch

Processed in Photoshop Elements with photocopy sketch effect.  I adjusted the width and pressure of the pen and burned and dodged to bring out accents.  Hope you like it.  We were celebrating this girl’s graduation from kindergarten.

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/11, 1/15 sec., ISO 800, focal length 53 mm.  No flash.

Here is an alternate version that I like better.  I used the sketch technique article in the July/Aug. ’09 issue of “Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques” magazine by Mike Rodriguez.


My daughter Sara again.  This time we were outside about 7:00 pm in full shade.  Photo was processed with some cloning, burning and dodging, and a little Gaussian blur.  Levels were adjusted as a final step.

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/5.6, 1/100 sec., ISO 400, focal length 194 mm.  No flash.


Had fun taking photos of the dogs today.    Pulled the curtains back off of the patio doors and used window light.  Getting the dogs to cooperate was another story!!  Eventually got this of Dawson, our Australian Shepherd.  I processed in Photoshop Elements by using the magnetic lasso to circle his face.  I then selected Inverse and used Gaussian blur on the rest of the photo.  I dodged his face to bring out the whiteness and make it the focal point.  The eye and nose were sharpened and I burned the corners of the photo.  The photo is framed in black.

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/5.6, 1/50 sec., ISO 1600, focal length 55 mm.  No flash.


Let’s try this photo instead of my first try.  I appreciate the comments left.  I am still learning about taking people photos!  This is my best friend’s granddaughter.  Circumstances weren’t best as this was taken in the playground area of a Chick-fil-A!!  Most of the area was in heavy shadow except for this one corner.  Caught some glaring light through the window, but liked the way it reflected on her.   She’s a pistol!   She is also one great kid!!   Processed in Photoshop Elements with cloning, dodging and burning and a small amount of blurring.

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/9, 1/250 sec., ISO 1600, focal length 53 mm.  No flash.