Blue Iris Watercolor


The garden is filled with blooming irises.  I used a watercolor effect on this photo.  I watched a video on YouTube by TopazLabs.  I usually use a Topaz Simplify preset and then adjust to my liking on a painting effect.  This time I used only the sliders to gain the look I wanted.  You can watch the video at:  It is very short and easy to follow.  The important points were: stick to the simplify sliders, stay away from the details and feature boost sliders and adjust the edge strength.  I rather like the result and didn’t dodge or burn this photo.  Hope you like it!


Another Painted Rose

There are still a few blooms on the bushes but they are getting pretty spotted from the recent rain and colder weather.  I decided to spruce this one up by processing with two layers of Topaz Simplify buz sim and one layer of Topaz Simplify cartoon adjusted.  I adjusted levels first and did some extensive cloning.  Processed in Photoshop Elements 6 and framed with a sampled color and a faux finish brush.  Happy Veteran’s Day.

Camera settings: Canon Rebel EOS T1i, F/9, 1/200 sec., ISO 400, focal length 163 mm.  No flash.


I was playing around with this photo and the Blur/Smart Blur filter.  The original was cropped and levels adjusted.  Then I ran it through Blur/Smart Blur and used settings of Radius – 3 and Threshold – 25.  The other settings were Quality – High and Mode – Overlay Edge.  The result was dodged and burned and a gold brush overlay was used to warm up the center of the flower.   Hope you like it.  Processed as usual in Photoshop Elements.

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/5.6, 1/500 sec., ISO 400, focal length 51 mm.  No flash.

Winter Landscape

Took this a few weeks ago.  These two live oak trees are in the Sierra foothills.  I adjusted levels and ran the photo through Topaz Simplify Buz Sim.  I had been working on a custom texture and used it as an Overlay on this photo.   Using a photo I had of concrete, I added warm/cool colors with the drippy water brush that is in Wet Media.   As you can see I like painting effects!    I did do some burning on this one before framing and finishing.  Hope you like it.

Camera settings: Focal Length 11.2 mm, F/5.0, ISO 64, shutter speed 1/320.