Self Portrait


Found a super book on creating art with Photoshop Elements.  It is called “Digital Expressions” by Susan Tuttle.  I bought it on Amazon and did this piece by partially following a tutorial in it.  I used branch brushes and some grunge brushes in making this.  I also used Topaz ReMask to mask out my face from a photo I took myself. (Super hard to do without using a tripod and timer.  Both of which I have but was too lazy to set up!)  I used both a soft white brush and a dodging brush to fade the face.  Anyway, the book has lots of neat ideas and I hope to use them for future projects.  It’s all about inspiration!


Green Eyes

Took a photo of a doll in a window of our house.  I may revisit the toadstools, but for now it’s this window doll!  I used the lasso tool to select the eyes, chose inverse, then used Gaussian blur to accentuate the big eyes.  I may have used a little too much blur.  I’d probably tone it down a little if I did it over.  I chose to leave it kind of contrasty and didn’t do much changing of lighting in editing.  I did do some light dodging.  Tell me what you think!Camera settings: F 7.1, 1/100 sec, ISO 100, focal length 55 mm.