Self Portrait


Found a super book on creating art with Photoshop Elements.  It is called “Digital Expressions” by Susan Tuttle.  I bought it on Amazon and did this piece by partially following a tutorial in it.  I used branch brushes and some grunge brushes in making this.  I also used Topaz ReMask to mask out my face from a photo I took myself. (Super hard to do without using a tripod and timer.  Both of which I have but was too lazy to set up!)  I used both a soft white brush and a dodging brush to fade the face.  Anyway, the book has lots of neat ideas and I hope to use them for future projects.  It’s all about inspiration!



We see texture in almost everything we photograph.  These textures can sometimes enhance other photos to present mood or atmosphere.  This texture is bark from the rootstock portion of a pistachio tree in a commercial orchard.  It is applied over a calendula photo.  Workflow consisted of three layers.  One calendula background original.  On top of that went a background copy set on blend mode Screen.  Screen mode makes the photo lighter and sets up the third layer which is the texture bark layer.  This third layer is set on blend mode Multiply.  Multiply darkens the composite and thereby evens out the final tone of the photo.  It makes for a somewhat interesting result, I hope! 🙂   Thank you for stopping by.