Beach Scene

Processed in Photoshop Elements with Topaz Simplify buz sim.  This is a scene of people walking on the beach off of the Monterey wharf.  Photo was shot about 10:30 in the morning.  The background shows the city of Monterey and the coastal mountains.

Camera settings: Fujifilm S700, F/5.6, 1//320 sec., ISO 64, focal length 32.7 mm.  No flash.


Morro Bay Panorama

Similar to a photo I posted last week, this photo is a composite panorama of Morro Bay in the evening.

I adjusted levels and hand stitched the two photos together in Photoshop Elements (PE) and smoothed over any joining marks.  I added about 3 layers of pink and peach colored gradient to the clouds.  I flattened this composite and then placed an overall warming filter from OnOne Photo Essentials 3 over the entire panorama.   Camera settings were on Auto F/14, ISO 64 and shutter speeds of 1/250 and 1/350.  I thought this gave a different feel to the landscape and made it a little more serene and meditative with the lone beach walker.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Morro Bay

Taken in very late afternoon, this is Morro Rock.  It rises out of Morro Bay on the central California coast.   There were multiple layers of clouds and fog when this photo was shot.

This photo had levels adjusted and I applied a warm to cool filter found in OnOne Essentials 3.

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements almost exclusively on my photos.  I love the Topaz plug-ins and have also been using OnOne Photo Essentials 3.  I have Photoshop CS4 but am still too intimidated to use it much!  That should be one of my resolutions for this year – get to know CS4 much better.  We’ll see how that goes! 😉