Self Portrait


Found a super book on creating art with Photoshop Elements.  It is called “Digital Expressions” by Susan Tuttle.  I bought it on Amazon and did this piece by partially following a tutorial in it.  I used branch brushes and some grunge brushes in making this.  I also used Topaz ReMask to mask out my face from a photo I took myself. (Super hard to do without using a tripod and timer.  Both of which I have but was too lazy to set up!)  I used both a soft white brush and a dodging brush to fade the face.  Anyway, the book has lots of neat ideas and I hope to use them for future projects.  It’s all about inspiration!


Self Portrait

Thought this kind of appropriate for self portrait as it is what I use to look through the lens!

I am Doris Pacheco and I live in Madera, CA.  I was raised on a large ranch in the Salinas Valley of California  and grew up loving nature and animals.  I met my husband when we were in fifth grade. (Lots of people think that is weird!)  We raised and trained Morgan horses for about 20 years and did horse show photography for about 12 years.  I can’t believe I ever had that much energy!!  My husband is a school administrator and I am a homemaker and we have one beautiful daughter.  We have one horse and two dogs and hope to get a kitty sometime as we love kitties, too!

Photography and learning to use Photoshop Elements and its plug-ins has been a revelation for me.  I really enjoy the hunt for taking a photo to new levels to see what I can make of it.  I think most photos have greatness hiding in them if we just knew how to bring it out.  Photoshop Elements came into my life about one year ago and I haven’t looked back.  I still work each day to find something new and interesting to try.  I need to work more on landscapes and people.  I don’t take the opportunity to photograph them enough.  Stepping out of my safety zone is not easy :).  I find great inspiration both in nature and in what I see on the internet being done each day.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit!