Forest Floor

Ferns protected by the firs and pines still flourish in late summer in the Sierras.  Processed in Photoshop Elements by adjusting levels, running through Topaz Simplify and burning.  I adjusted the outside lines in Topaz Simplify to inverse and then reduced the opacity of that layer to produce this result.

Camera settings: Canon T1i, F/5, 1/160 sec., ISO 250, focal length 84 mm.  No flash.


5 thoughts on “Forest Floor

  1. Very Fernny, very fernny ibdeed.

  2. Tammy McChesney

    That produced such a great tone of green…nice processing!

  3. Ferns always make me think of a cool place (in this heat, that’s nice). I like how there is a bit of forest debris on the fern leaf, and this compliments that background. Gives us more to look at this this luscious, delicious green.

  4. Doris you really have got this processing stuff down….I guess I can get these results with topaz adjust…care to share some settings?

    • Thanks so much Mike! I’d be thrilled to share settings if I knew what they were!! I may write down steps of what I do, but unfortunately not the exact settings. I know that I had one layer orig., one layer of orig. that was run through Topaz Simplify and I adjusted the simplify settings much higher for small, med., and large details. I then went to the line settings and chose inverse. I burned this layer all over and then reduced the opacity. I’ll try to pay more attention!! I usually just play around until I get what I like. (real scientific, huh!?)

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