Shop Light

Wandering around the garage again.  This old shop light struck my fancy.  I used a lot of layers in processing this one in Photoshop Elements.  I used the lasso tool to isolate the lamp and give it more definition.  It is white and the background is white and the sketch filters helped to give it more substance.  I then used some blending modes to bring the sketch versions together with the color version.  After all is said and done it is still just a shop light!!

Camera settings:F/5.6, 1/60 sec., ISO 200, focal length 48 mm.  No flash.


6 thoughts on “Shop Light

  1. Tammy McChesney

    Wonderful simple composition…and I love all of the texture!

  2. A complex processed shop light, you made it into something more with the processing, nice.

  3. You have the knack to make art out of the simplest subjects Doris. Great job on this!!

  4. Tammy said exactly what I was thinking – wonderful composition and I love the simplicty of the lines. Great processing too – it shows me why I need to find time to learn Elements a lot better.

  5. Excellent processing! Really puts the art in the ordinary.

    I’ve been playing with Aperture lately as I feel I need to justify its cost… but this makes me remember that PSE is certainly loads of fun and useful too!

  6. The stark contrast is just what this gritty image needs.

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