Orange Iris

A new iris that I ordered last fall.  I photographed it about 6:30 pm to get evening light which works so well on warm colors.  Processed with two layers of texture.  Did some partial erasing on the texturing.  Dodged and burned.

Camera settings: F/8, 1/160 sec., ISO 200, focal length 74 mm.  No flash.


6 thoughts on “Orange Iris

  1. Looks like a painting. Love these colors… And your Iris.

  2. That’s a different color for an Iris and gorgeous at that. Love your post processing.

  3. The fancy petals on the flower and its understated color along with the textrued background give this an elegant Victorian feel.

  4. I love this color of flower so much! The light is wonderful and the texture gives an interesting look.

  5. This is very pretty!!!

  6. I keep coming back to this one – the colors and processing are lovely.

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