Happy New Year everyone!  This photo is of a sycamore tree that I took on our ride to the Central Coast on Wednesday.  I love trees.  Especially trees in the winter as their true shape is really evident without leaves.  Branches and trunks are so naturally artistic.  It is hard to take a bad photo of a beautiful tree.  In this photo I used a high pass filter slightly and adjusted levels on the first layer in Photoshop Elements.  Secondly, I applied Topaz Simplify buz sim.  Finally, I dodged the branches and trunk just a little to bring out the pale luster of the beautiful bark.  I really like the way that Topaz Simplify softens the background so that the tree stands out without being harsh.   Hope you like it.  Have a great New Year’s Day!!!


14 thoughts on “Sycamore

  1. I Love the perspective of the hill slope top left too, great start for 2010.

  2. Tammy McChesney

    Wow, Doris, a piece of art, this is sensational….I need to play w/ simplify more, you get such neat results!!!!

  3. Love the angle and softness of the shot Doris. You are absolutely correct about trees in winter.

  4. You are the second one using Topaz in today’s blogs, I have to look into that some more. I love the simply effect, it really does make the background fade away.

  5. Doris, this is a stunner to start the year! Your composition is really intriguing. Thank you for relaying your processing information too – much appreciated. I look forward to seeing your part of the world as the year progresses. I am originally from California but am snowbound in Ontario, Canada, now.

  6. Gorgeous, Doris. I love the slanted lines. I also love the brown grass in the front contrasted with the soft green grass.

  7. I find the composition to be intriguing–the way everything is on a tilt keeps it from being static. The processing gives it a painterly look, and the colors are nicely complemented by the framing.

  8. The softness in the background even of the grasses is outstanding. I like the branches and how the tree has some personality.

  9. I love the angle and the light on the tree just makes it pop. A stunner!

  10. Love everything about this! From the curls of the tree, the angle in the background, the framing, the colors & the printing…fabulous!

  11. You got a keeper with this one. Again The Topaz filter intrigues me. And you did a great job of bringing out the best in that tree bark. Thanks again for sharing your info, and also the frame and Mat displays the tree so beautiful.

  12. This is a fantastic shot and thanks for posting your processing technique, that’s how I learn!

  13. Congrats on being one of the IOWs! A brilliant choice on their part, I think.

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